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OSHA Root Whole Wildcrafted 1 Ounce


  • Osha Root Whole Wildcrafted
  • Shipped by Herbal Advantage to you by First Class Mail

Herb Pharm Osha Root Liquid Extract for Respiratory Support – 1 Ounce


  • Expertly extracted for respiratory system support.
  • Prepared from the sustainably wildcrafted root of Ligusticum porteri plants.
  • Rapidly absorbed liquid extract.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • Herb potency assured through High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) analysis.

When it comes to making important decisions, especially when it comes to spending your hard-earned money, who wouldn’t want a little help? Sure, some people enjoy the thrill of the hunt and can navigate their way through store aisles with ease, but for many of us, finding the right osha root can be daunting.

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Finding the right osha root to help improve our lives is always a challenge. We want something that is going to work well, be safe, and be reasonably priced. It seems like sometimes it is all too much to ask for! But don’t worry; I am here to help you find some of the best osha root out there. I have spent lots of time researching and trying different things, so I know what works well. Keep reading to learn more!


OSHA Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Responsibly farmed OSHA (Ligusticum porteri) Dried Root 2 FL OZ


  • Wildcrafted Osha (Ligusticum porteri) Dried Root
  • Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Tincture
  • Other Ingridients: Vegetable Glycerin, distilled water
  • All Natural Herbal Supplements, GMO FREE, VEGAN, MADE IN USA

Zazzee OSHA Root Extract 120 Vegan Capsules, 500 mg Strength, Potent 4:1 Extract, Ligusticum porteri, Non-GMO and All-Natural


  • OUTSTANDING VALUE: Our Osha Root Extract contains 120 capsules per bottle AND 500 mg strength per capsule – an amazing value! Compare this to other leading brands that have lower dosages, contain less than 120 capsules, and do not provide a 500 mg strength dosage. Our Osha Root Extract is a bargain not be found elsewhere!
  • POWERFUL LUNG, RESPIRATORY SUPPORT: Osha root is most commonly used to promote lung and respiratory health. Osha root also a long-time favorite for treating coughs, sore throat, congestion, bronchial issues, infections, fever, digestive issues, …and much, much more!
  • CONCENTRATED, POWERFUL AND POTENT: Our Osha Root Extract Capsules are made from a powerful 4:1 extract for extra potency, providing 500 mg strength per capsule. Even better, we use a concentrated root extract – not a dried root powder – which provides a much higher concentration of the desirable active compounds found in osha root.
  • NATURAL, VEGAN, & NON-GMO: All ingredients, including the capsule, are 100% vegan. Our Osha Root Extract does not contain any artificial flavors, wheat, corn, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients.
  • GOLD STANDARD PRODUCTION: Your health and safety mean to us. For that reason, our Osha Root Extract is manufactured in the USA, in a fully certified facility with adherence to good manufacturing policies and under the most stringent quality control. You can rest assured that you get the value for your money!

Osha Root Whole 1 Oz (Ligusticum Porteri), Wildcrafted, for Purifying, Cleansing, Healing, Metaphysical, Meditation and Wicca


  • Wildcrafted herb native to the Rocky Mountain area and has historically been used by the Native Americans for respiratory support
  • The roots of the plant contain camphor and other compounds which make it one of the best lung-support herbs in America.
  • The magical use of Osha root comes from northern Native American tribal traditions where it is viewed as having great power in luck and is often carried as a lucky talisman.
  • When burned it produces a warm and spicy aroma which is believed to purify the air in much the same way smudge sticks are used.

Step to get your needs

The first step is to find the osha root product you want. Then, determine what features are most important for your needs Ask for help if you need it! We’re here to make sure that you get the best possible deal on a product that meets all of your needs.

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Sunflower Botanicals OSHA Root Extract 2 oz. Glass Bottle, Dropper-Top, Vegan and Non-GMO, Optimally Concentrated


  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: We purchase 100% pure, high quality ingredients, with an emphasis on ORGANIC and WILDCRAFTED herbs.
  • OPTIMALLY CONCENTRATED: Each of our herbal extracts is CONCENTRATED to the ideal level for that particular herb. This means that each extract is designed for MAXIMUM ABSORPTION by your body.
  • GOLD STANDARD PRODUCTION: Your health and safety mean everything to us. For that reason, our all-natural Sanicle Extract is manufactured in the USA, in a fully compliant facility with adherence to good manufacturing policies (GMP) and under the most STRINGENT QUALITY CONTROL. You can rest assured that you get the BEST VALUE for your money!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: We use only STERILIZED glass bottles for all of our extracts. Unlike the plastic bottles used by other companies that leach toxins into the extracts, our glass bottles mean that our extracts remain 100% PURE. Each bottle also comes with an EASY-TO-USE dropper top.
  • POTENT, POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE: Our custom distilling and extraction process is carefully tailored to each herb. This ensures MAXIMUM POTENCY and MAXIMUM PURITY, for your maximum health! Non-GMO. 100% natural.

Florida Herbal Pharmacy, OSHA Root Extract Capsules 10:1 (120 Capsules) 500 mg per Capsule, 1000 mg Serving


  • Supports healthy immune system*
  • 500 mg per Capsule, 1000 mg Serving
  • 10:1
  • 120 Capsules

Organic OSHA Tincture – Quit Smoking Liquid – Natural Lung Detox – OSHA Alcohol Free Drops – Quit Smoking Aid – Made in USA – Herb Lung Cleanse for Smokers 2 Fl Oz


  • Natural Lung Cleanse – Now more than ever it is important to monitor your health. Florida Herbs Osha Tincture will support your respiratory system. Our natural supplement will help you with lung detox and getting rid of toxins.
  • Lung Detox for Smokers – It is no secret that the lungs of smokers require special attention and care. Thanks to natural ingredients, natural Osha Tincture is able to provide significant support to your body.
  • Respiratory System Support – Osha Root Tincture has a complex positive effect on your respiratory system. Herbal lung health supplements are the safest for our body, which means they are suitable for almost everyone.
  • All-Natural Ingredients – There is nothing better than taking care of your body with an organic lung tonic supplement. Mother Nature has given us a huge number of plants that can help us. That is why we use only natural ingredients for our drops.
  • Made in the USA – We know how important the safety of the product is to you, which is why we produce it in the USA, observing all rules and standards. By buying our tincture, you get the best service and quality.

Your osha root products purchase guide and retailer suggestion

Which retailer to choose from the many competing ones? It’s not an easy question. You might be surprised at how much a osha root product will vary in price, quality, and availability depending on where you go!

Here’s our top 6 list on guiding you to select the right retailers to buy the best osha root products.

     1. Decide what you want to buy
     2. Find the best retailer for that product
     3. Compare prices, shipping rates, and return policies
     4. Read reviews of the company before buying anything from them
     5. Make sure you’re getting a good deal by comparing prices with other retailers
     6. Check out the store’s return policy before purchasing anything just in case it doesn’t work out or isn’t what you expect

WishGarden Herbs Deep Lung – Organic Lung Support Tincture with OSHA Root and Elecampane Root, Herbal Respiratory Relief Lung Tonic, Promotes Healthy Lung Strength and Function (4oz)


  • RESPIRATORY ENDURANCE & STRENGTH: An all-natural lung and bronchial herbal formula that supports healthier lung function and promotes natural blood oxygenation. Helps to expand the airways for a deeper breath.
  • LIQUID FORM THAT ABSORBS QUICKLY: Liquids are quickly and easily absorbed by the body. They allow you to customize your serving to best meet your needs, they are easy to swallow, and they are convenient for on-the-go use.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC & WILD-HARVESTED INGREDIENTS: Our staff of highly trained herbalists use only quality-tested gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients to produce our signature formulations that soothe, nurture and support our bodies in the way nature intended.
  • COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY: We make remedies from a love of plants and the earth, so sustainability is very important to us. Each of our suppliers go through an extensive screening process and must meet our high standards for sustainability & quality.
  • RADICALLY EFFECTIVE REMEDIES SINCE 1979: We are herbalists, botanists, scientists and naturalists making herbal formulas the old-fashioned way. WishGarden is woman-owned and family run in Colorado.

Osha Root Whole


    Finding the right osha root product to meet your needs can be a daunting task. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. This blog post will help you find the best osha root products for your needs.

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