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Mr. Pen- Voltage Tester, Electrical Tester, Non Contact Voltage Tester, Tester Electric, Electric Tester Pen, Voltage Detector, Electrical Testers, Voltage Tester Pen, Electricity Tester, Power Tester


  • Mr. Pen- non-contact detector determine the presence of magnetic field without contact
  • Insulation operation ensures the safety of testing. You can use this non-contact AC voltage detection to check whether a cable, wire or socket contains AC voltage.
  • lightweight, compact tool with pocket clip provides convenient storage and quick access.
  • It can be used for home appliance repair, circuit inspection and DIY.
  • Perfect tool for home users, electrical and electrical system engineers, etc.

Various functions, which one is what you need?

Most customers are interested in price when buying a new circuit tester pen voltage product or replacement part for an older one they already own. We’ll explore the many features of your favorite circuit tester pen voltage products and tell you why they exist. You can read about some of our favorites below. 

This blog post is aimed at understanding how to use the top-rated circuit tester pen voltage products as well. It will cover many aspects of its function that you may not have noticed before, or just never thought about.

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AWBLIN Automotive Test Light 3-60V DC Digital LED Circuit Tester, Heavy Duty Light Tester with Voltmeter, Auto Bidirectional Voltage Tester Electric Test Pen


  • [UNIQUE DESIGN- ANTI-LOST NEEDLE GUARD PROTECTION]: Adopt the integrated structure design of the probe protection cover, needle guard function is added to ensure that there will be no stab wounds and the guard will not be lost. Convenient to carry and take it wherever you go.
  • [LED INDICATION, BIDIRECTIONAL VOLTAGE TESTING]: This upgrade circuit test light is a bidirectional voltage tester. You can attach the alligator clamp either to negative or positive ground, there is also a light emitting diode on the circuit board for polarity indication, red light indicates positive polarity and green light indicates negative polarity.
  • [WIDER VOLTAGE RANGE] Compared with the auto electrical tester on the market, the maximum voltage measured is only 48V, but the maximum voltage that our technology can measure is upgraded to 60V. AWBLIN circuit test is ideal for checking various vehicles electrical circuits, quickly check automotive headlights, taillights, turn signal circuits, faulty sockets, fuse connections, also for testing other 3-60V DC wirings and circuits.
  • [COMPUTER SAFE, DURABLE & FLEXIBLE]: The professional auto circuit tester has a built-in circuit board chip, which is safer and more durable than traditional test lights and prevents the car computer board from burning out. Spring wire can be freely stretched up to 102 inches, with a wide measuring area; Anti-bending design of the tail wire, no need to worry about bad contact of the line.
  • [100% SATISFACTION]: If you have any dissatisfaction for any reason, please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Klein Tools NCVT-2 Voltage Tester, Non-Contact Dual Range Voltage Tester Pen for Standard and Low Voltage, with 3 m Drop Protection


  • Voltage Tester automatically detects and indicates low voltage (12-48V AC) and standard voltage (48-1000V AC) allowing broad application
  • Non-contact detection of standard voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires
  • Non-contact detection of low voltage in security, entertainment, communications, environmental control, and irrigation systems
  • High intensity, bright green LED indicates the tester is operational and aids in illuminating the workspace
  • Dual Range testing, select 12-1000V AC or 48-1000V AC

When you’re looking to buy a circuit tester pen voltage product, it’s important to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. There are a lot of circuit tester pen voltage products on the market, and not all of them are worth the price tag.

By doing some research and considering your needs, you can figure out which circuit tester pen voltage products are best for you. So before you hit the mall or start browsing online, be sure to read this guide on how to spend your money wisely when buying circuit tester pen voltage products!

Southwire Tools & Equipment 40126N NCV Non-Contact Voltage Dual Range Pen Type Detector with Flashlight, 24-600V AC


  • Southwire Pen style voltage tester
  • AUDIBLE AND VISUAL INDICATION of AC voltage on two ranges: 24 to 600v and 100 to 600v
  • QUICKLY CHECKS for the presence of live Voltage on outlets, wiring, circuit breakers, Lighting Fixtures and switches
  • BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: this non contact AC voltage detector features a built-in flashlight for user convenience in dim lighting
  • DUAL RANGE for low Voltage applications including thermostat wiring
  • INCREASED BATTERY LIFE: the auto power off feature increases the battery life by powering off after 5 minuets of inactivity
  • Green led indicates power is on and tester is ready to use
  • CAT IV 600V SAFTEY RATING: the flashing red LED and pulsating beeper indicate the presence of Voltage to make this task as safe as possible
  • Not designed for use with Tamper Resistant (TR) outlets

Klein Tools ET45 Voltage Tester, AC Voltage and DC Voltage Tester, Low Voltage Tester Does Not Need Batteries


  • Tests AC voltages from 24V to 240V AC at four useful levels
  • Tests DC voltages from 32V to 330V at four levels
  • Built-in test lead holder on back of tester holds the leads in one of two positions: one so that they are spaced correctly to test tamper-resistant US-style outlets and the other for convenient storage of the test leads
  • Test leads can be docked in the holder for convenient storage
  • Batteries not required; tester is powered by the applied voltage
  • Built to withstand a 9.8-Foot (3 m) drop
  • Safety Rating: CATIII 350V, Class 2, Double insulation

iayokocc Non Contact Voltage Tester, AC Voltage Tester Pen, Dual Range 12V-1000V/48V-1000V, with LED Flashlight, for Testing AC Voltage, Circuit Breakpoints and Live Wire, Null Line.(Black+Red)


    Read This Honest circuit tester pen voltage Products Review Before Purchase

    There are many things that you can buy in order to improve your life. You may be wondering if these products are worth your money. In this blog post, I will list three reasons why you should buy each of these products. I hope that after reading this, you will feel more confident in spending your money on these items.

    There’s a reason these products are on your shopping list. You need them, and you know it. Here’s why you should buy them today.


    Fielect Voltage Tester Screwdriver, Contact Voltage Tester Pen Light Circuit Tester Voltage Detecter Pen Electric Test Pen Screwdriver 3.5mm Dual Head Slot AC 100-500V


    • 【Parameter】- Test Voltage: 100-500V; Circuit Type: AC; Display Mode: LED Light; Test Head Type: Flat head,Cross head; Special Function: Slotted,Phillips Screwdriver;Total Length: 130mm/5.12″;Pole Length: 30mm/1.18″.
    • 【Neon Tube Light Display】- The neon tube light of the circuit pen will light when the pen detects voltage; The higher the voltage, the brighter the neon tube light.
    • 【How to Use】- When you use the voltage test electroprobe,before testing,it is necessary to insert the screwdriver to the bottom,hold the finger against the end of the handle.The neon tube turns light when there is electricity and operate safely.
    • 【Two Usage】- Two kinds of applications,one for measuring circuit electrical penand the other for screwdriver.Two types of screwdriver tips on the both end of metal rod-slotted and cross-recess.When you pull out the metal rod,please insert the rod to the deepest position to make full contact.
    • 【Warm Tips】- AC circuit tester light detector is for indoor use only and to avoid strong light.

    Intelligent NonContact Ac Voltage Detection Pen Tester Intelligent Non Contact Ac Voltage Tester Pen Circuit Detector


    • NonContact Voltage Detection, Practical And Convenient Way To Test Electrical Lines. Auto Adjust Sensitivity Makes The Test Simple
    • Accurately Detects Ac Voltage Ranging From 12V To 1000V, And Distinguish Them Into 3 Voltage Levels. Audible And Visual Alarm Always Guard Your Safety
    • Using The Abs And Pvc Material, The Voltage Tester Can Stand Wear And Tear, And Its Pocket Clip Allows Easy Handling. The Shining Prompt Of Low Voltage Led Can Warn You To Replace The Battery In Time
    • Auto PowerOff Feature Conserves Energy While The Led Torch Allows Operation Even On Dark Corners. And Meanwhile, The Auto Power Off Feature Can Extend Battery Usage Time
    • Live/Neutral Wire Distinguish At Close Range

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    Clamp Multimeter,Acogedor Digital AC DC Handheld Clamp Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Volt Tester LCD Meter,Support Testing Function for On-Off Buzzers and Diodes, Overload Protection Function


    • Designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems
    • Measuring instrument with function of data hold, easier to read data
    • Features large digital display for battery quick check and accurate results
    • Voltage testing function for both AC and DC voltage. Low battery power indicator function
    • Support testing function for on-off buzzers and diodes, overload protection function

    Many circuit tester pen voltage products are made with high-quality materials that are both textured and durable.

    Different materials will feel differently and will exhibit different effects. Using high-quality materials the circuit tester pen voltage product remains the same after many years.

    When making this circuit tester pen voltage product, we only used the best materials. It is a durable, high-quality circuit tester pen voltage product with rave reviews.


    Southwire Tools 40116N NCV Detector 100-600V AC


    • Southwire Pen style voltage tester
    • AUDIBLE AND VISUAL INDICATION of AC voltage from 100-600V AC
    • INCREASED BATTERY LIFE: the auto power off feature increases the battery life by powering off after 5 minuets of inactivity
    • Green LED indicates tester is ready for use
    • BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: this non contact AC voltage detector features a built-in flashlight for user convenience in dim lighting
    • QUICKLY checks for the presence of live voltage on outlets, wiring, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures and switches
    • CAT IV 600V SAFTEY RATING, UL and CUL listed
    • Not designed for use with Tamper Resistant (TR) outlets

    These circuit tester pen voltage products with the best price

    Find out if they’re worth buying or not, and how to get discounts. We do hope these customer reviews help you take your next step in deciding whether or not to buy the circuit tester pen voltage product!

    There is such thing as paying too much for an item and this can happen in many ways. However, this may not be the best decision because there are aspects of quality that cannot be seen with just one glance.

    Price is one thing to keep in mind because typically the cheaper option will be less expensive and might have lower quality than something with a higher price point.

    You can find the best deals on our site. We offer a wide variety of circuit tester pen voltage products and will help you save money by comparing prices from different stores with us.

    It will depend entirely upon which retailer has its lowest or where there is no competition between sellers.

    Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen – Dual Range AC Voltage Tester 12V/48V-1000V, Live/Null Wire Circuit Detection Tester Breakpoint Finder Electrical Outlet Voltage Detector, Measure AC Circuit Tester


    • Safety and Security: Non-contact voltage tester has passed the CE CAT III 1000V CAT IV 600V test certification. When the ac electrical tester pen detects a voltage, the probe will flash red and beep, the higher the detected voltage, or the closer it is to the voltage source, the dual range voltage detector will beep at a higher frequency. The ac socket tester detects low voltage and neutral and triggers a yellow flashing light, and detects high voltage and live wire triggers a red flashing light
    • Non-Contact: The ac circuit tester uses a non-contact method to measure voltage, with an NCV induction probe for detecting ac voltage, you only need to place the tip of an electric circuit detector near an outlet or power cord to detect the presence of voltage.The dual range circuit voltage tester is a safe double insulation, you don’t have to worry about being shocked, voltage detector tool is very safe, and it is an ideal device to help determine the neutral or live line and breakpoint testing
    • Dual Range: The electrical current tester detects standard voltage and low voltage ranges (12-1000V AC / 48-1000V AC), making the measurement more flexible and accurate. NCV sensitivity is automatically adjusted from low to high, low sensitivity can detect doorbells, thermostats, power strips, etc., high sensitivity is ideal for detection systems such as power supplies, use a non-contact wire tester anywhere you need it, voltage detection by simultaneous visual and audible voltage indicators
    • Smart Design: Our circuit checker tester has a thoughtful design, bright LED light, can help you work well in dim environment, ac cable voltage tester is equipped with light point locating function can be used to indicate long distance lines. When the voltage checker tool battery is lower than 2.4V or the current detection pen does not operate for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down to save energy. Pocket-sized electric test pen with a pen hook, which is very convenient to carry
    • Efficient: Our live wire voltage tester can be used to test circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, sockets, etc. anywhere you need it with a long press of the red button for 2s. Dual range detector pen is very suitable for electricians and home users, when voltage exceeds 90V, the socket voltage detector will issue a high voltage alarm and the safety symbol on the screen will light up, NCV probe voltage detector is an efficient tool to help home appliance repair and circuit inspection

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