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HQMaster CNC Router Bits 1/8 Router Bit Straight Router Bit 1 8 Shank Straight Flute End Mill Cutter 2-Flute Milling Cutting Tungsten Steel 22mm CEL/45mm OAL for MDF PVC Acrylic Chipboard Wood 10 Pack


  • Wide range of processing —- for cutting/engraving/carving/grooving/slotting/drilling/hollowing/positioning/roughing /milling in materials like MDF, PVC, Acrylic, wood, solid wood, chipboard, composite board, organic board, core board, density board etc.
  • Dimensions —- shank diameter (SD): 1/8″ (3.175mm); cutting edge diameter (CED): 1/8″ (3.175mm); cutting edge length (CEL)/flute length: 22mm; overall length (OAL): 45mm
  • High efficiency —- these bits own sharp edge which is able for fast engraving that makes high efficiency; durable, high precision and not easy to break; it is smokeless and burr-free while processing
  • Perfect cutting —- the design of 2 flutes, mirror polishing, large chip space of CNC Router Bit makes non-stick crumbs, smooth cutting and fast chip-removal
  • Package contents —- 10pcs 2-fluted tungsten steel straight bits assorted in portable storage case

10Pcs 1/8″ Shank CNC Router Bits, 2-Flute Double Straight End Mill Nano Blue Coat Solid Carbide Milling Cutter, 22mm Cutting Height, 45mm Overall Length for Plastic MDF PVC Acrylic Chipboard Wood


  • Used for routing harder and more rigid plastics in the following materials: Acrylic, Acetal, Nylon, PVC, ABS, Phenolic, Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and other MDF, PVC, Wood, Density board, etc.
  • Nano Blue Coating which enables the tool’s cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity with an extreme nanohardness and heat resistance. This provides longevity and produces cutting results of the highest quality.
  • SHANK DIAMETER: 1/8″ (3.175mm)Shank; CUTTING DIAMETER: 1/8″ (3.175mm); CUTTING HEIGHT: 22mm; OVERALL LENGTH: 45mm.
  • 2 Flutes Double Straight End Mill, increased discharge debris space, smooth cutting, rapid chip removal, smokeless burr during processing.
  • Carbide precision machined from bars of high-precision equipment, selection of high quality ultrafine particles.

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8 Set 1/4 inch End Mill Bits 4 Flute Straight Milling Cutter HSS-AL CNC Square Nose End Mill Bits Straight Shank Drill Bits for Wood, Steel, Titanium(6.35mm,4T)


  • Dimensions —- Shank diameter: 1/4inch / 6.35mm; Flute cutting length: 3/4 Inch; Overall length: 2-1/2 Inch
  • Strong and Durable —- Milling cutter is made of HHS-AL material, it is high-wearable and has a long life; Smooth cutting and fast chip-removal, gives outstanding cutting performance and wear resistance.
  • Sharp Edge —- The design of 4 flutes, sharp edge, and superior wear resistance at high cutting speeds; Durable, high precision and not easy to break; easy installation and improved work efficiency.
  • Application —- 1/4 inch end mill bits are suitable for side milling, end milling, finish machining, etc. For carving, cutting, engraving, milling in materials like die steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, tool steel, titanium, aluminum, rosewood, density board, wood, acrylic, PVC, MDF etc.
  • Package Contents —- 8pcs 1/4” end mills, each is individually packed in a plastic storage box.

Yakamoz 10Pcs 1/8-Inch Shank Long Straight Router Bits CNC End Mill Bit Set with 1″ Cutting Length Flush Trim Router Wood Cutter Woodworking Milling Tool


  • Type: Straight, Cutting Type: 2 Flutes, Shank: 1/8″ (3.175mm), Cutting Diameter: 1/8″ (3.175mm), Cutting Length: 1″ (25mm), Overall Length: 2″ (50mm)
  • The unique flute design makes cutting process easier and faster, smooth cutting without 2nd polishing process.
  • The CNC end mill bit is equipped with a sharp cutting edge and solid shank, which features high-speed cutting, clean surface, and no glitches to improve your working efficiency.
  • High quality tungsten steel with nocoated. Long service life and less wear, excellent milling performance.
  • For CNC,engraving machine woodworking, carving milling soft and hard wood, plywood, plastics, MDF, PVC, aluminum, composite board, etc.

Don’t miss to check bit straight end mill products details when buying

If you’re like me, then you love to buy bit straight end mill products that are on sale. But the only thing worse than realizing a product is sold out, is buying a product without checking all of the details first–and discovering later that it’s not what you were looking for. That’s why I always make sure to check everything about the bit straight end mill products before I buy from online or in store!

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Rannb End Mill 5/16″ Cutting Dia 5/16″ Shank Dia Extra Long Straight Shank End Mill Bit


  • ⭐【Material】The End Mill is made of premium high speed steel with high toughness that is not easy to break.
  • ⭐【Dimension】Cutting Diameter:5/16″/8mm ,Shank Diameter:5/16″/8mm ;Flute Length: 70mm/ 2.76”
  • ⭐【Better Finish】4 Flute End Mill Cutter produce a better finish than fewer flutes ,is aimed to machining planar, step, groove, forming surface and cutting workpiece in the milling machine, assembled on milling machine.
  • ⭐【Package Content】 1x End Mill+ 1 x Plastic Box
  • ⭐【Applicable Product】End Mill Cutter used widely in the milling machines or machine tools for milling.

5/16″ HSS End Mill 8mm Cutting Dia 8MM Shank Dia Extra Long Straight Shank End Mill Bit, 4 Flute High Speed Steel Milling Cutter for Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Foam, Total length 100mm


  • Vertical Milling Cutter with Super-Hard Handle, Forged with High-Speed Steel, Quenched at High Temperature, Precision Grinding.
  • Selected High Speed Steel, High Hardness, Wear Resistance, High Strength, Good Toughness and Heat Resistance.
  • Sharp Cutting Edge, Smooth Cutting, Several Times The Cutting Effect, Smooth and Burr Free Cutting Material.
  • Four-Tooth Design Makes The Milling Cutter More Wear-Resistant and Reduces Product Burrs During Processing.
  • Various Specifications, Hard and Firm, Smooth Cutting, Surface Hardness Up to HRC62-66 Degrees.

10pcs 1/8″ 2-Flute Straight CNC Router Bits End Mill, 1/8” Shank Nano Blue Coating Milling Cutter for Engraving Machine Wood Plastics PVC Drilling


  • 【Wide Applications】It is widely used to engrave, drill, mill, cut and carve on hardwood, plywood, acrylic, plastic fiber, resin, PCB and other material.
  • 【1/8” Shank; 1/8” Cutting Edge】Both cutting edge diameter and shank size are 1/8 inch. Commonly used in CNC router.
  • 【2-Flute Straight Cutting Bits】Easy to clean chips. Straight cutting bits can be used for deburring and make a better looking.
  • 【Longer Service Life】Nano blue coating strengthens the hardness so that the service life is extended. The end mills are more wear-resistant.
  • 【High Quality& Durable】Made of tungsten steel which is strong and durable. It provides a stable milling performance. Sharp cutting edge, no glitches on the surface.

One of your care when buying bit straight end mill products is after-sale service

Do you know how to choose bit straight end mill products? One of the things that you care about is after-sale service. The more care and attention you get from customer service, the less likely it is that you will ever need them!

If you have a bit straight end mill product in mind and are looking for what after-sale service you care about most, this article is definitely for you!

Do you know what after-sale service you care about most when choosing a bit straight end mill product? According to a recent survey, the majority of people think it is a quality guarantee.

In recent years, after-sale service has been more of an important factor for customers to consider. Most of you want to know how you can be helped after purchase and if there is any support available in the future should anything go wrong with the bit straight end mill product.

Rannb End Mill 1″ Cutting Dia 3/4″ Shank Dia Straight Shank 4 Flute End Mill Drill Bit


  • ★【Material】The end mill drill bits is made of High Speed Steel which features with high hardness,good wear resistance and durability.
  • ★【Application】Suitable for side milling, end milling, finish machining in carbon steel, alloy steel, die steel, tool steel, cast iron, and titanium.
  • ★【Good Design】 Large front angle effectively reduces cutting resistance, sharp and durable, convenient for chip removal, further improve machining efficiency.
  • ★【Easy to Carry】Comes with a plastic box for protection and easy transportation.
  • ★【Heat Treatment Process】The High Hardness Steel go through the heat treatment process. Reduce changing times and improve the production efficiency.

Whether we are looking to buy a new car, comparing mobile phone deals or simply buying a birthday card for your mum, pricing is always a factor of where you make your final decision on which company or bit straight end mill product to buy from. Today I am going to take a look at how price matters when it comes to buying bit straight end mill products.

When you are ready to purchase a bit straight end mill product, comparing prices can help you save a lot of money. When I purchase a bit straight end mill product I look at several retailers and compare the prices. This helps me compare features and confirm that I am purchasing the best bit straight end mill product that meets my needs and requirements.


SpeTool 4 Flutes Tungsten Carbide CNC End Mill 1/16″ Cutting Diameter Upcut Spiral Router Bits With TiAlN Coated, 5Pcs/Lot


  • SIZE. 1/8″ shank, 1/16″ cutting diameter, 3/16″ cutting length, 1-1/2″ over all length
  • SPECIFICATION. Flat top, 4-flute, HRC55 with tialn coated, use 1/8″ collet
  • PREMIUM QUALITY. Made of high quality tungsten carbide, precision edge-grinding technology; long service life, not easy to break; excellent cutting results and enhanced productivity
  • WIDE APPLICATION. For cnc, engraving machine, carbon steel, mould steel, inconel, stainless steel, titanium alloy etc; suitable for side milling, end milling, finish machining, etc.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE. 5 pieces high quality end mill pack in a individual plastic box

Utoolmart 1/2″ Cutting HSSAL Spiral Drill Bit Straight End Mill Cutter 4 Flute with 1/2″ Shank 2pcs


  • 【Size】- Cutting Diameter: 1/2-inch; Shank Diameter: 1/2-inch; Number of Flutes: 4.
  • 【Material】- The milling cutter is made of HSS-AL, sharp and durable, with high bending resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • 【Application】- Suitable for CNC data processing center, carved, high-speed machines. Apply to carbon steel, soft alloy steel, die steel, tool steel, cast iron, titanium, aluminum, etc.
  • 【Advantage】- Sharp and durable, convenient for chip removal, further improve machining efficiency.
  • 【Note】- Please adjust the speed, feed and cutting depth according to actual cutting conditions.

Yakamoz 10Pcs 1/8″ Shank Straight Router Bit Set Flush Trim CNC End Mill Router Bits 2 Flute Straight Slot Milling Cutter Woodworking Tool


  • Type: Straight, Cutting Type: 2 Flutes, Shank: 1/8″ (3.175mm), Cutting Diameter: 1/8″ (3.175mm), Cutting Length: 2/3″ (17mm), Overall Length: 1-33/64″ (38.5mm)
  • Double flute design cnc router Bits have a mirror polish and large chip space which produces smooth cutting and fast chip-removal.
  • Industrial quality control to ensure best performance with high precision,work perfect on milling or cutting machines, ensure high work efficiency.
  • Made of tungsten steel material with good milling, cutting performance, ensure high work efficiency, durable and high precision.
  • Great for carving, cutting, engraving, milling in materials like density board, plastic, PCB, PVC, PP, MDF, nylon, resin, plywood, hardwood etc.

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