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Bamboo Ankle Socks with back Heel Tab for Men Low Cut Cool Comfort Fit Athletic Performance 6 pair pack (Gray)


  • High quality 6 (six) pairs of low cut bamboo ankle socks sizes 9-13 for active men with heel cushion tab. Fold the heel tab in to provide extra layer of softness or leave it upright to prevent uncomfortable friction from your shoes. Sleek look with stripes and special heel tab design to provide extra comfort
  • Bamboo is one of the softest fibers knit into these socks by world famous Turkish textile industry. We love the comfort and feel and we are sure you will too. Reinforced knit, ergonomic design, and stable structure will provide quality to your touch. Bamboo is naturally renewing itself organically with its fast growth rate so virtually renewable most eco-friendly fabric to help save us the planet and our skin
  • Our socks have reinforced heel and mesh arch & flat seam toes. Flattened toe seams hand linked to make it fell like seamless. Hence these socks are called seamless as an industry standard pointing out to seams are very faint machine woven even there are seams they are virtually seamless but not truly inexistent.
  • High quality anatolian socks will be a surprise for loved ones & perfect for daily use. We offer more colors designs models for men women teen athlete & children made in cotton wool alpaca & modal from knee high to mid-low calf, ankle-sneaker size, and low cut no show ones in chevron, herringbone, honeycomb, argyle, stripe, or pixelated dot designs are all available for your taste.
  • Machine washable cold (recommended) or lukewarm, tumble dry low, no bleach. It’s asked to wash inside out for a better lifetime. Have your bamboo socks in every part of your daily life with no bulky feeling. From elderly to office work force, pregnant ladies to active athletic users mentioned the silky soft comfort they experienced. In your boots, sneakers or around home we aim to provide a new definition of comfort.

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Women’s Bamboo Low Cut Ankle Socks with back Heel Tab Natural Comfort Fit Thin Athletic Performance 6 pair sock pack (Color Mix Striped)


  • ACTIVE DESIGN: Our low cut striped sneaker socks are in colors to please as many as we can with serious to fun choices. Each set has 6 pairs to match your outfit in casual or business settings. These footwear will fit for women sizes of 6-11 (average build) depending on your comfort zone with less or more stretched socks. We aim for friction protection and no slip off with the heel tab. Fold tab inside to have extra layer of softness or keep it upright to prevent blisters based on your choice.
  • FINE THREADS: These socks are the ones you can usually find in a high-end store with elegance. They are made with natural fiber instead of synthetic materials. All these anatolian socks have to offer is stylish design, thin ventilating weave, flattened seams, and quality finish. Bamboo socks are genuinely better for your feet and we believe once you try bamboo you will refuse others. We love bamboo socks. We believe you will too.
  • NATURALLY SUPERIOR: Bamboo provides excellent wick protection (60% better than cotton alone), natural ventilation, moisture absorption due to fiber structure in micro level. This helps feet stay dry and reduces risk of problems on toenails or athlete’s foot. Eco-friendly bamboo fabric is more gentle than man-made fibers and do not irritate skin in the same way. Better still, you will have socks with no traces of impurities close to your skin.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: High quality bamboo socks will make a surprise for you and your loved ones. Keep in mind that bamboo is a natural fiber grown without human intervention and extremely soft like a rich cotton fiber. Bamboo is non-irritating, odor resistant, and great for sensitive skin. Healthy choice for your feet since it naturally eliminates odor and your feet breathe moisture free. Searching for socks pampering you? Bamboo socks are a must and far better than cotton or wool socks.
  • CARE: These socks are machine washable (cold). Tumble dry low, absolutely no bleach. Highly recommended to wash inside out. Cotton and bamboo tends to shrink in machine wash especially when washing temperature rises. We recommend cold wash with delicate cycle. Hand linked seams on toes are called seamless as an industry standard pointing out to seams are very faint machine woven even there are seams they are virtually seamless but not truly inexistent.

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Ankle Socks (6 Pairs) with Heel Tabs Natural Bamboo for Men or Women Sports and Athletic Performance Wear (Black)


  • FOR DAILY AND ATHLETIC WEAR: With their sleek look, these premium bamboo socks are a basic must-have that blend comfort and class. These unisex socks are perfect for both workout and everyday life, as well as practical and casual use. Size for men: 9-13
  • HEEL TAB PROTECTION AND COMFORT: These socks support your feet around your heel after a long active day. You can fold the tab in or leave it out based on your choice. Ventilating, comfortable and low-cut socks improve your performance in any sports activities such as yoga, gym, biking, running, walking, standing, hiking, tennis, traveling, etc.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable on gentle cycle in cold water. Tumble dry on low setting, but it is better to line dry for a longer life. These socks may seem to have shrunk after washing but they will regain their original form when you wear them. Our socks don’t easily shrink or lose their shape after washing.
  • ODOR FREE, BREATHABLE & TEMPERATURE REGULATING: Bamboo socks are breathable and naturally temperature regulating to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These socks keep your feet ventilated in steel toed boots, motorcycle boots, hiking books, rain boots, winter boots, military boots, cowboy boots, work boots and regular shoes. These socks are also perfect for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, working, hunting, and backpacking.
  • Overusing compression socks may be harmful. You will find these bamboo socks way more comfortable and safer. If you size is 9-11 (men), these socks should be a good fit for your feet.


Gold Toe mens Comfort Top Rayon Bamboo Crew Socks, 2 Pairs Dress Socks, Black, Shoe Size 6-12 US


  • Comfort toe seam
  • Fresh care moisture control
  • Rayon made from bamboo

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Bamboo Socks for Women, Athletic Ankle Socks for Running, US Size 5-10, Low Cut Socks with Heel Tab, Workout Socks, Sweat Resistant Socks, Pack of 6 Pairs


    1. Super soft, stretchy, lightweight and non-irritating to skin. Keeps you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter
      1. Comfort: Bamboo fibre is breathable, odor resistant and absorbs moisture, keeping you cool and dry
        1. Once you have worn bamboo socks you won’t want to wear anything else. Tabs to prevent them sliding down. Specific left and right foot design
          1. Washing: They maintain their softness after each wash
            1. 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee. Buy Leafy Boo bamboo socks today and feel the difference


Women Bamboo Ankle Socks Ankle Length Thin Sock Odor Resistant Low Cut Sock 5 Pairs (Black, Large)


  • Made with World Finest bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber has the property of antibacterial and will help with many odor problems. Also it makes the socks breathable absorbent, antibacterial, deodorant and durable to keep your feet dry and cool.
  • S size For School Age (Shoe size 3 to 5.5); M size For Shoes size 4 to 8; L size For 8 to 11
  • Lab Tested Anti-Bacteria 98% Inhibitory Rate No POLYESTER added.
  • Suitable for many occasions formal & informal Machine Washable Best socks to keep feet cool and dry.The fiber is Silky, you could tell is bamboo not cotton.
  • How The fiber made: Cut Bamboo into pieces, boiling and hammer into filaments; Bio-enzymes to obtain the cellulose fiber; Cleaned, bleached, softened the fiber for spinning.

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Hanes womens 6-pack Invisible Comfort Ballerina Liner Socks, Solid Black, Shoe Size 5-9 US


  • HIDDEN COMFORT – these liner socks are designed to provide comfort that’s meant to be felt, not seen. Arch support and spandex help provide a better fit.
  • STAYS IN PLACE – silicone gripper helps keep your socks in place
  • BREATHABLE – Knit-in ventilation panel allows your feet to breathe throughout the day
  • KEEP YOUR COOL – Cool Comfort fabric wicks away moisture so your feet stay cool and dry all day.
  • EASY CARE – Throw your new socks right in the washing machine on laundry day. Wash on cold and save!
  • EASY CARE – Throw your new socks right in the washing machine on laundry day. Wash on cold and save!


Ankle Compression Socks – A Toeless foot Sleeve, Splint for Women Neuropathy, Ankle Swelling Relief, Heel Pain.


  • STIMULATE HEALTHY CIRCULATION: The compression sock will stimulate healthy healing blood flow by giving your veins a boost to push the blood back to your heart.
  • COMFORTABLE SUPPORT: Relieve the swelling in your feet and ankles, prevent and treat spiderveins and varicose veins; stay active and feeling great.
  • IDEAL FOR EVERYONE: Great for men and womens athletes, seniors, runners, nurses, maternity, kickboxing, or anyone needing that extra support.
  • OPEN TOE DESIGN: Allows for flexibility in choosing footwear as well as comfort for warm weather and those with toe ailments such as ingrown nails or bunions.
  • TARGETED COMPRESSION: These Compression Socks provide 15-20mmHg of pressure; they are made from 75% nylon and 25% spandex.


ZeroSock Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks With Mesh Ventilation, Anti-Tear Double Thread Bottoms & Anti-Slip Gel Heel Grip (Women’s Size 6-8, Nude)


  • 4 Pairs Per Box — Carefully Crafted Comfort. Ultra soft, Ultra Thin, Ultra strong Bamboo + Cotton Fabric blend with gel heel grip to prevent any slipping.
  • ZERO COMPROMISE CRAFTSMANSHIP. We designed these socks to provide all the benefits of no show socks with none of the sacrifices.
  • Added forefoot mesh ventilation area for ZERO HUMIDITY & Increased breath-ability.
  • SEAMLESS TOE. Ultra strong double yarn double thread count sock bottoms to prevent any ripping or tearing
  • ZERO POINT SOCK WELT. Only ZeroSock uses a Zero Point Sock welt to keep your socks from falling down or sliding. The sock welt is designed to comfortably cling to your foot.

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Ankle Brace Plantar Fasciitis Socks Women Socks for Women Neuropathy Compression Ankle Socks Arch Support Socks Heel Spur Relief Products Leg & Foot Supports Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock Black S-M


  • RELIEVES FOOT PAIN – Instant Foot, Arch and Ankle Pain Relief From Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Bursitis, Sprains, Muscle Fatigue, Stress Fractures and More! Our Compression Socks Will Make You Feel More Confident in Staying on Your Feet and Avoiding Muscle Cramps and Pain While You Work, Travel, or Play! Whether You’re a Nurse, Runner, Pregnant, or Simply Have Occasional Leg Pain, Our Sleeve Is All You Need.
  • KINESIOLOGY TAPING TECHNOLOGY – Patent and Designed in New York, the Embedded Kinesiology Strips on the Compression Socks Provide Support, Stability and Pain Reduction. You’ll Be Able to Naturally Alleviate Pain and Recover From Foot Injuries Using the Same Kinesiology Technique Shared by Doctors, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists.
  • SPEED UP RECOVERY – Leave the Ice and Pain Medications at the Door. Fight Pain, Recover and Get Back in the Game Naturally. Our Footless Compression Socks Activate Your Body’s Natural Pain-relieving Mechanisms and Provide Targeted Compression to Your Foot, Act as a Support System to the Fascia Ligament, Reduce Inflammation, Speed Up the Healing Process, and Stabilize Your Feet to Prevent Unwanted Injuries.
  • PREMIUM GRADE COMPRESSION – Not All Compression Socks Are the Same; Most Don’t Fit Properly and Don’t Work Well. With Our Plantar Fasciitis Socks, You Will Be Assured to Receive a Comfortable Fit With a True Graduated Compression Strength of 20-30mmhg, Which Can Help Alleviate Foot Pain and Swelling While Enhancing Your Performance.
  • PROVEN TO WORK – Feel the Difference Instantly! Whether You’re an Elite Athlete, or an Active Grandparent, Our Compression Socks will Support Your Feet 24/7. This Workout-friendly Gift Will Help You Lose Weight and Get in Shape and Is Ideal for Walking, Running, Dancing, or Standing. It Makes the Perfect Stocking Stuffer and Gift for Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season.
  • STRONG COMPRESSION IN A THIN SLEEVE: Pain Relief From Arthritis, Sprains, Muscle Fatigue, Stress Fractures in a Slim, Breathable, Soft Fabric COMPRESSION SOCKS 20 – 30mmHG. For People That Want STRONG COMPRESSION. Our Unique Manufacturing Process Provides Tight Fit Comfort Around Tendons and Muscles to Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Inflammation. Helps With Edema Treatment, Bunion And Bursitis While Providing Support and Stability.
  • NO SLIP FIT FOR ANY ACTIVITY: Stay Comfortable in the Game All Day and Night. Baseball, Crossfit, Running, Basketball, Soccer, Walking, Hiking, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, Kickboxing, Gymnastics, Exercise Workout, Martial Arts, Dance, Cycling or Any Athletic Fitness Sport.


CelerSport 6 Pack Women’s Ankle Running Socks Cushioned Low Cut Tab Athletic Socks, Black, Medium


  • SIZE: Size small (women’s shoe size 5.5-8.5), Size medium (women’s shoe size 9-11).
  • REINFORCED HEEL AND TOE: Reinforced heel and toe for durability in high-wear areas. These socks for women with tab design can protect your heel and provide protection, blisters resistance, non-slip when walking, running, golf, tennis etc.
  • CUSHIONED ANKLE SOCKS: These women’s running socks with cushioned sole reduces excessive friction with shoes and provides excellent comfort and double protection for your feet.
  • MESH DESIGIN & BREATHABLE: These ankle socks for women are made of combed cotton, which can quickly absorb moisture and release sweat. Mesh ventilation in arch reduces heat and enhance breathability, good moisture wicking performance to help your feet keep cool and breathable all day.
  • AFTER SERVICE: If you have any problems in size and quality , please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will offer exchange or refund service of our running socks. Let Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim.


Ankle Running Socks Cushioned Low Cut Tab Athletic Socks for Men and Women Moisture Wicking Arch Support Sports Socks 6 pair


  • Friction & Shock Protection Low Cut Socks – Low cut ankle socks have elastic and long-lasting band and will not slip from the top of your feet.Thick heel tab on socks will protect your feet and reduce friction.Make you feel comfortable after working out.
  • Running Socks with Arch Support – Running socks have suitable compression in arch to protect you when you walk, jog and run and stability for a perfect fit. Elastic cuff tab make atheletic socks stay in place and noo-slip. Good matching for all of your outdoor activities.
  • Breathable Full Coushioned Athletic Socks – Cushion all of the sole and reinforced toe use thicker yarns for extra durability and comfort in high-wear areas.Extra thick padding can absorb impact to protect your feet.The instep part of the sports socks is made of a mesh fabric that absorbs sweat and wicks moisture.Keep your feet cool and dry all day long.
  • All Seasons Ankle Sport Socks for Men and Women – We have 2 sizes:6-9/9-12.Size 6-9 fits most women and most men can choose size 9-12.Performance socks with low ankle design feature and light compression are good matching for many sports or casual wear, such as running, workout, tennis, gym sessions, training, walking ,trips, golf, jogging, outings, fitness.
  • High Performance Runing Low Cut Socks and Service – Order now and put on. You will love our athletic socks! If you have any problem in size or quality, please contact us.We will send a replacement to you or refund you.We are always here and give you the best service!6 pairs men women Ankle socks with beautiful box.Good choice for mens running socks and womens running socks!

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Men’s Extra Large Rayon from Bamboo Fiber Sports Superior Wicking Athletic Ankle Socks – Black – 4prs, Size 10-14


  • SIZING Fits men’s shoe sizes: 10-14, 4 pairs of socks
  • CONTENTS 85% rayon from bamboo, 10% polyester, 5% elastic
  • BAMBOO SPORT ANKLE SOCKS features reinforced toe and heel for comfort and protection, and breathable upper ventilation top for maximum comfort during athletics – great for casual – work – sport – running – yoga – exercise
  • SUPERIOR WICKING POWER Rayon from bamboo is superior at wicking away moisture helping regulate body temperature and keeping you cool
  • ODOR RESISTANT rayon from from bamboo is naturally Hygienic, which keeps your feet healthy and smelling great no matter how hard your workout

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