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SOLUPEAK D3 3(1)-in-1(3)-Out 3.5mm Stereo Audio Switch Source Input Signal switcher selector Splitter Box Mini


  • >3 in 1 out: Support up to 3 audio source inputs and select 1 audio source output (You can refer to the “use example 1” of the product picture )
  • >1 in 3 out: 1 audio source input,and 3 ports output can be switch to amp or active speakers or headphone (If you need 2 or 3 ports output to play at the same time, you need to press 2 or 3 buttons at the same time and keep them locked.) you can
  • >This is a passive non-powered device. Plug and play.
  • >Build in solid aluminium CNC chassis, looks nice and durable.
  • >This is a good idea to solve the problem of unplugging and plugging the wire.

2-Way RCA Stereo Audio Switch Input Signal Source Switcher Selector Splitter Box(2 in 1 Out / 1 in 2 Out)-RC21


  • 2(1)-IN-1(2)-OUT RCA audio selector designed for customers having several audio sources and outputs, simple to use, plug and play, no power supply required
  • RCA audio switch, support volume control; one key to mute; small size, easy to place, suitable for your desktop and office
  • Select audio input between 1 and 2 with 1/2 switcher and get one output
  • Select audio output between 1 and 2 to receive one input
  • This is a good idea to solve the problem of unplugging and plugging the wire

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SOLUPEAK ST42 4-Way RCA Audio Switch Source Signal Input switcher selector Splitter Box (4 in 2 Out)


  • This compact switcher box allows connection of up to four stereo sources, between two amplifiers
  • Use specialized audio rotary switch/Lossless device, easily switch between different audio in or out
  • Build in quality aluminum chassis and solid aluminum knob, looks nice and durable
  • In/Out through high quality golden plated jacks
  • This is a passive non-powered device. Plug and play

Bi-Directional 2-Way RCA Stereo Audio Switch Dignsun Audio Signal Source Switcher Selector Splitter Box for CD, DVD, Blu-ray Players, Active Speakers, etc. ( 2 Input-1 Output /1 Input-2 Output)


  • RCA Stereo Audio Switcher: RCA audio signal source selection 2 input 1 output or 1 input 2 output
  • Bi-Directional Audio Switcher: Passive device, Plug and play no need power supply
  • Will not increase the sound or make the sound not fade. Turn the knob on front panel to switch different audio source easily
  • High-quality craftsmanship, case strong and durable, suitable for CD, DVD, Blu-ray players, AMP, active speakers, etc.
  • RCA cable switcher Suitable for multiple sources signal select or large area or multi-room paralleled amplifier distribution of the same signal playback

2 Way AV Switch – 2 Input 1 Output RCA Selector Switch for Composite Audio and Video – Switcher Box – Includes RCA Composite Cable (Black)


  • 2IN-1-OUT – 2 Input 1 Output audio and video selector box switches between AV sources with button on front panel, without distortion or time loss – Connects 2 video devices to 1 TV set
  • Easy to Install: Simple plug and play, push button design with no additional software or extra power source needed. BONUS RCA composite Cable included
  • Premium Construction: Component switch box offers a high quality, compact design with a front component video selection buttons and color coded RCA connectors in the back for easy pairing
  • A/V SPECS – Video – Input level Resistance – VS 0.8-1.0Vp-p/75ohm, Output level Resistance – VS 0.8-1.0Vp-p/75ohm Audio – Input level Resistance – 2V(RMS)/47Kohm, Output level Resistance – 2V(RMS)/1Kohm
  • Perfect For: Ideal for DVD DVR VCR players, video game consoles (including Xbox, PS2, PS3, Wii, etc.) Comcast Xfinity box and more- connecting to TV with RCA connectors

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X31 XLR Balanced Cable Switch Signal Sources selector 3 in 1 Out Audio switcher Splitter Box


  • XLR balanced 3-IN-1-OUT
  • Audio input Signal Switcher
  • Turn the knob on top for swicthing signal
  • No need power supply
  • Mini compact size

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Nobsound Little Bear 4 Way Audio Switch; 3.5mm Audio Switcher; Stereo AUX Audio Selector; Audio Splitter; 4(1)-in-1(4)-Out


  • Fully Upgrade, Totally No Noise and No Sound Interference: 4 independent switches to select different inputs or outputs, fully isolated independent circuit, make sure that each signal is not affected by the other three channels.
  • Very Useful Functions: Can be used as 4-IN-1-OUT or 1-IN-4-OUT. Conveniently to switch among different audio sources or choose among different outputs. You can use it to debug or compare your various audio devices.
  • Very Easy and Simple Use: Fully passive, no power and no driver required. Add 4 blank squares for you to mark different audio equipment. Please note there are two IN/OUT ports. The one that is opposite with others has priority. The other one is added since some customers want to connect all cables at one side.
  • Super Mini Size: Even smaller than half of your palm. It will take very few space of your desktop. You can also carry it around very conveniently.

SOLUPEAK 4 in 1 Out RCA Stereo Audio Cable Switch,Source Input Signal switcher selector Splitter Passive Connector Distributor Box


  • RCA stereo audio signal switch box
  • Method 1-(4 IN 1 OUT):4 audio source signals are connected to 4 input ports, and the output port is connected to the power amplifier. By switching the knob, select one audio source output
  • Method 2-(1 IN 4 OUT):1 audio source is connected to the input port, 4 output ports are connected to 4 amplifiers, by turning the switch knob, select the audio source output to one of the amplifier
  • Plug and play. No External Power Required. Won’t affect the sound quality at all
  • High-quality RCA gold-plated interface, easy to enjoy music

1JUSTLINK 2.0 HDMI Switch Splitter 4K 2×4 2 Input 4 Output Audio and Video Selector Box No External Power Required Support UHD 4K 60Hz1080P 3D for DVD PS3 TV Projector


  • 【Plug and play】: This HDMI switch is easy to set up and operate. No external power is needed, just connect your HDMI device and enjoy! Just press a button to exchange signals in one second, and the LED light will tell you which port is active.
  • 【Fast and stable transmission】: With the help of the built-in auto-adjusting amplifier, it can regenerate the HDMI signal through a long HDMI cable, and then send it to the output end: input maximum 25 meters, output maximum 15 meters
  • 【High resolution】: When the HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI output, the 2×4 switch/splitter can amplify the HDMI signal. Support the highest video resolution 2160p/60Hz, 1080p/60Hz, HDMI 2.0, HDMI1.4a, 3D
  • 【Excellent function】: switch between two input source devices and send signals to four monitors at the same time (4 monitors display the same picture at the same time)
  • 【Compatibility】: The Hdmi selector supports a single high-definition display from multiple sources, such as DVD players and Stellite receivers, digital projectors, A/V receivers, set-top boxes

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