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First, let us understand why arugula seed for planting products review blogs are important. Many times, people will consider buying arugula seed for planting products directly by themselves. Although this choice does not specify whether it is right or wrong, you need to assess whether you know enough about these arugula seed for planting products. If you are sure, go ahead. If not, then you need to browse related blogs and choose the most reliable website to purchase.

Arugula Seeds – 1000 Seeds Non-GMO


  • 1000+ Seeds
  • Non-GMO
  • Maturity: 40 days
  • 85% Germination Rate

Sow Right Seeds – Arugula Seed for Planting – Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds with Instructions to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden, Indoors or Outdoor; Great Gardening Gift


  • Beautiful — Large premium packet. Arugula seed is a wonderful gift for the gourmet cook. Minimum of 1.5g per packet.
  • Inside or Outside — A carefully selected variety that can easily be grown indoors in your kitchen or outdoors in the garden. There is actually enough seed to do both.
  • Always Have Fresh Greens on Hand — Arugula is an essential ingredient for making brick oven pizza, tasty salads, and dressing up any vegetable or side dishes. Fresh arugula will make your food taste gourmet.
  • Easy to Grow — Instructions included on each packet with additional growing tips, harvest instructions, recipes, etc. in the “How To” section of our website. Plus we are available to answer your questions as well. If these seeds don’t germinate, we will happily make it right for you.
  • Safe Seed — Sow Right Seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and sells only Non-GMO heirloom seeds that are safe for you and your family.

In this arugula seed for planting product, you may find that is suitable for your needs, you can purchase it directly.

When it comes to purchasing arugula seed for planting products, there are a lot of factors you need to think about.

A question that might come up is, “Which one suits me best?”. You may want to consider their functions, size, and weight.

You should also think about your budget and how convenient the arugula seed for planting product is to operate.

Lettuce and Greens Heirloom Vegetable Seed Non-GMO Seeds for Planting Indoors and Outdoor 5 Packs – Lettuce Buttercrunch, Romaine, Arugula, Kale and Spinach by Gardeners Basics


  • 🥬 5 VARIETIES GREENS AND LETTUCE SEED PACKETS – 5 of our most popular salad greens, including Arugula (Roquette), Spinach (Bloomsdale), Kale (Vates Blue Scotch Curled), Buttercrunch Lettuce, Romain Lettuce.
  • 🥬 FREE BONUS – 5 Free plant markers to help you keep track of what salad garden seeds you planted where.
  • 🥬 WATER RESISTANT PACKAGING – Our high-quality heirloom seeds use professional seed packets, unlike our competitors who use plastic bags, leading to seed mold. Each high quality packet comes with planting and harvesting instructions. Over 5,000 seeds, more than double our competitors.
  • 🇺🇸 USA – Proudly grown and produced in the USA. Don’t use inferior overseas seeds in your garden. These greens are great grown in hydroponics, aquaponics, indoor and outdoor gardening. These seeds are all heirloom, save them for future gardens and provide food security for your family.
  • ✅ GUARANTEE – If you aren’t happy for any reason, return your lettuce seeds for planting for a full refund.

3000+ Non GMO Lettuce Seed for Planting – 6 Packs Varieties Heirloom Green Vegetable Seeds- Buttercrunch, Romaine, Arugula, Spinach,Green Leaf Lettuce


  • 3000+ Heirloom Seeds: 6 varieties most popular vegetable seeds for planting, 500+ Non hybrid,raw chemically untreated seeds each pack.Including Lettuce, Buttercrunch, Romaine, Arugula (Roquette), Spinach (Bloomsdale),Green Leaf Lettuce Seeds.
  • Living a Healthy Life: Starting grow these heirloom veggies seeds and provide your family all-natural healthy Non-GMO green leaf vegetables produced by yourself. Quality supply for your kitchen to prepare salad or some dishes help you keep health.
  • 95%+ Germination: The high quality survival vegetable seeds are expertly bred and selected to have 95%~100% germination rate.Seeds for planting vegetables and fruits yard&garden are stored in air tight,moisture resistant resealable bag for safe,long term food and storage.
  • Grow a Bountiful Vegetable Garden: With 3000+ salad vegetable seeds for planting you will be able to grow a lush vegetable garden like a gardener. It is a great gift for mom,dad,gardener or anyone like planting vegetable and fruits seeds.
  • Great Supply for Your Kitchen: Our lettuce seeds sustainable sourced in The USA.Have confidence in our quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.our seeds are ready to start enjoying amazing greens throughout the year.

You may want to reach out for help from the company or other customers who have already bought this product before. In the product market, there are a lot of arugula seed for planting with different functions. 

We are here to help select the perfect arugula seed for planting for you. See the complete list and discover the most loved arugula seed for planting.

Customer reviews are a good opportunity to help you understand the product.

Learn more about arugula seed for planting and decide which is the right product. We want to share with you some tips on how to find great arugula seed for planting online.


Heirloom Lettuce Mix and Greens Garden Seeds, 8 Varieties, 5300 Seeds, Hydroponic Seeds, Includes Bibb Butter Lettuce Seeds for Planting, Kale, Arugula Seeds, Spinach, Collards, and More, Non-GMO


  • Get more seeds for your money: Our Vegetable greens garden seeds pack not only has 8 of the most popular vegetable varieties, but it has more than double the amount of seeds as many of the competitors. Some packs only give you 5 seeds! That is ridiculous!
  • Includes: 2 varieties of Lettuce seeds, 3 varieties of Kale seeds, Arugula seeds, Spinach seeds, and Collard greens seeds. Also includes an instruction booklet and 8 garden markers.
  • NON-GMO Heirloom: Our seeds are all of the highest quality with some of the highest germination rates in the industry.
  • Makes the perfect gift- With 8 different varieties of greens veggies, you can give the gift of flavor to your family or friends. Makes a fantastic father’s day gift.
  • Hand Packaged by a Veteran Owned Small Family Business: If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us and we will make it right. If you want customer service where you will talk directly to the owner for any concerns, we are the company for you!

Gaea’s Blessing Seeds – Arugula Seeds -2000 Seeds – Roquette Rocket Heirloom – Non-GMO Seeds with Easy to Follow Planting Instructions – 90% Germination Rate (Pack of 1)


  • Eruca Sativa – open pollinated – Non-GMO
  • This heirloom variety is also known as Rocket or Roquette Arugula
  • High Yield and Hardy! Roquette is the perfect addition to any garden!
  • High germination rate – 90% with current lot!
  • Gaea’s Blessing is based in Illinois, USA. We are committed to promote sustainable growing methods, to protect the biodiversity of our planet, to do our best to ensure the wellness of the environment, and above all, to ensure our customers’ satifsfaction. As adopters of the Safe Seed Pledge, we do not consciously buy or sell seeds that have been genetically modified.

After-sales protection is very important

All The products of arugula seed for planting have a warranty. If you are purchasing from an online retailer that is not located in your home country, check to see what their shipping rates are before buying anything.

Many people are reluctant to buy products that come with a warranty because they don’t want to spend the money on something that might not need it. The truth is that after-sales protection is very important and should be taken into consideration when making a purchase decision. After all, you never know what could happen in the future!

The cost of an after-sales service warranty is something you should always consider when buying a new product. Without it, your purchase could be rendered useless. It’s important to know which parts are covered under the warranty and what kind of protection they provide. For example, some warranties cover only defects in manufacture or materials while others also include accidental damage caused by natural disasters like floods or fires. The price you pay for the coverage will vary depending on how much coverage you’re looking for, but it’ll be worth it if disaster strikes!

Comparing arugula seed for planting products will help you make an informed decision about which product to buy.

A variety of options for consumers who want similar things but don’t necessarily agree on what that thing should be or how much it should cost them.


Burpee Rocket Arugula Seeds 2000 seeds


  • Zesty accent for Green salads
  • Each packet contains 2000 seeds
  • Sow outdoors in early spring after the average last frost date and harvest in 35 days
  • Plant Height is 12″. plant spread is 4″. yields 3-4″ leaves
  • Annual for all growing zones from 1-11. Sunlight exposure = full-sun
  • Find over 1000 Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds on Amazon
  • Get your seeds off to a great start with a Burpee Seed Starting Kit
  • Burpee, the gardener’s best friend since 1876. Beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow the garden of your dreams from America’s most trusted seed company. No GMOs, ever.

Identify the most reputable retailers for any arugula seed for planting product

It is hard to know who you can trust these days. Between the internet and social media, there are many ways for someone to make themselves seem reputable.

If you are looking for a arugula seed for planting product to buy online. It is important to choose reputable retailers that have good reviews and ratings so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Choosing where to buy a arugula seed for planting product can be difficult. There are many variables that go into the decision, such as price and quality. The best way to know if you’re buying from a reputable company is by reading reviews and comments on third-party sites.

It’s important that you buy from reputable retailers who will provide excellent service and won’t scam you.

Tips: Have you ever noticed the little blue “Verified Purchase” badge on some of your arugula seed for planting products’ pages? If so, a verified purchase means that someone who purchased that item has taken the time to give feedback about their experience with it. You can click on this badge to read what they had to say!

Sow Right Seeds – Large Greens Seed Collection for Planting – Spinach, Arugula, Kale, Lettuce, Tat SOI, Pak Choi, Mustard Greens and Swiss Chard – Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds to Plant & Grow a Home Garden


  • Beautiful — Large individual packets of delicious and nutritious Bloomsdale Spinach, Arugula, Lacinato Kale, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Tat Soi, Pak Choi, Mustard Greens Greenwave and Swiss Chard Fordhook. A wide variety of leaf types and colors. Visually stunning in the garden and on your plate. All very tender and delicious.
  • Productive — A collection of carefully selected leafy vegetables that grow well planted outdoors in the spring or fall. Also does very well when grown indoors if given sufficient light.
  • Powerhouse Foods — These leafy greens are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, especially when grown in a home garden. A great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Easy to Grow — Instructions included on each packet with additional growing tips on our “Sow Successful” Blog. Plus, we are available to answer all your questions. If these seeds don’t germinate, we will happily make it right for you.
  • Safe and Sustainable — Our operation is fully solar powered, and Sow Right Seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge to sell only fresh Non-GMO heirloom seeds for you and your family.

15 Lettuce & Salad Greens Seeds Variety Pack 7500+ Non-GMO Heirloom Lettuce Seeds for Planting Indoors & Outdoors Garden, Hydroponics, Aerogarden – Arugula, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Lettuce & More


  • 🥗 Huge Value -15 Lettuce & Salad Greens Non GMO Heirloom Seeds for Planting. LESS THAN $1.50 PER SEEDS VARIETY – Over 7500 seeds including: Arugula, Kale, Spinach, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Oakleaf Green Lettuce, Cimarron Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Corn Salad – Mache, Mizuna – Lime Streaks, Curled Cress, Endive Curled Ruffec, Radicchio, Curled Mustard.
  • 🌱 Easy & Fun Growing Experience with our online guides – Don’t plant disappointment – Add more colors to your garden with our lettuce and greens seeds variety pack! We send only super hearty seeds with the highest germination rate and fast sprout. Our detailed growing guide helps you grow the garden of your dream like a PRO.
  • 🏡 Fresh Lettuce and Salad Greens from Seeds to Your Table All Year Round. Grow seeds everywhere – Indoor in aerogarden, window and hydroponics garden or transfer them to your Outdoor Home Garden. Our seeds also suitable for Microgreens and Sproutings. Grow your seeds and Enjoy healthy meals the help of our cooking guide.
  • 🎁 Outstanding Meaningful Gift – for couples, vegetarians, vegans, gardeners, house survivalist, people who are looking for a new hobby or trying something new. Can be used for a variety of occasions – as a housewarming, babyshower, birthday, anniversary gift and more.
  • 🗽 Made in the USA by Small Family-Owned Business – Quality You Can Trust – Our Lettuce and Greens seeds are tested at 90%+ germination rates before being sealed to last for up to 3 years before you need to plant. Each packet in our seeds variety pack is resealable to make easy to store and has own label with a QR code for the growing instructions.

Survival Garden Seeds – Arugula Seed for Planting – Packet with Instructions to Plant and Grow Garden Rocket Green Leafy Vegetables in Your Home Vegetable Garden – Non-GMO Heirloom Variety – 1 Pack


  • Spicy Salad Green – Also known as rocket or roquette, arugula is a deliciously spicy and pungent green herb that adds zest to salads. Arugula is a nutritional powerhouse and is an extremely healthy addition to your home garden.
  • Quick Growing – This cruciferous green leafy vegetable does well in cool weather. Enjoy year-round fresh flavor by growing indoors in hotter seasons. May also be used for sprouting as microgreens.
  • Grow Now or Later – Plant now or store for future growing seasons. Will remain viable for years if stored in a cool dry location. Each packet has instructions for saving seeds so you can perpetuate your harvest and share with others.
  • Easy to Grow – Seeds are packed in a beautiful paper packet with instructions for successful growing and germination in your own home garden. Getting started is simple for both beginner and experienced gardeners.
  • Quality Seeds – Safe, non-hybrid non-GMO heirloom seeds proudly sourced in the USA for your family to plant and grow for years to come. Open-pollinated, naturally grown and selected to ensure the best germination rates.

With so many options available at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll give you a few tips for finding the right arugula seed for planting products for your lifestyle.

Consider your needs: What are you looking for in a product? What features are important to you?

Looking for the best arugula seed for planting products to enhance your life but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! This is dedicated to helping you find the best arugula seed for planting products for your needs.

Buying quality arugula seed for planting products feel like an investment in yourself. We’re going to take a closer look at some of the best arugula seed for planting products on the market and analyze what makes them so great.